We Have Arrived!

by heavenlycheese

  We have completed our journey to beautiful Wisconsin.  Everything went well and we had no major problems.  We made a couple of unplanned detours but all’s well that ends well.

We have met with our Mission President and his sweet wife, President and Sister Jones.  They were so kind to us.  They fed us a delicious meal and visited with Elder Wood and me.

We are now staying at our apartment in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  We have spent the last two days just getting settled in.  Several trips to the store for items we forgot the first and second time.  It is amazing how many little things you have at home that you do not even think about but when Elder Wood asks for this item or that item and I tell him we do not have it, we see if we can do with out it, if not another trip to the store.

We are going to find our ward building tomorrow and travel up to Neenah, WI to find the Young Single Adult Branch building so we will know where to go on Sunday.  We are now studying, Preach My Gospel, I had better go study.