This is the story of a couple of Woods and their wild adventures sharing the gospel in Wisconsin.

Month: September, 2012

Lake Winnebago

We have had a good week.  Elder Wood and I love having the opportunity to read, study, pray and do missionary work every day and feel the Spirit in our lives.  We will treasure these feelings the rest of our lives.  I has been an amazing experience so far and we have been told it will only get better.

The young Elders and Sisters are such a good example for the world to follow in this not so good world we live in.  They love the Lord and work so hard and truly love the people they meet and work with. They certainly set a wonderful example for Elder Wood and myself and make us strive to be better.

We are now working with five young men and young women.  We invite those who are inactive to come back to a loving Heavenly Father and His Son and their Savior, Jesus Christ and their lives will be blessed both while they live here on earth and through out eternity.  We also review the missionary lessons with new converts to the church and keep them focused on their eternal goals.

My sister June and her husband Theo came and visited with us this last Thursday.  They were out in Minnesota visiting their son and his family.  They must really love us because they drove five hours to spend and few hours with us and then they drove back to their sons home.   We truly love them and appreciate their sacifice to visit us.  We drove over to a park so they could see Lake Winnebago it is beautiful.

We love and miss our family but not enough to miss out on the wonderful experience we are having.  We know the Lord will be with them and bless them as he has bless us.


Missionary work and Musems

Elder Wood at Paine Mansion

Oshkosh Wisconsin

This week was not as busy as last week,  the ” mong” investigator we met with last week was unable to meet with us and when we called the ward leadership and single sisters they could not meet with us until next week.  Everybody is so busy and we totally understand, we know we will be able to visit with them soon. The young man we were reviewing the lessons with need to go to interviews for a new job and was unable to meet with us.

We felt is was the perfect time to get out and visit some of the city and get to know the area better.  We visited the Paine Museum it was wonderful.  This house is amazing.  It was built by an early settler in the English Manor style.  Each room is decorated in a different period of English history.  I could not believe all the detail that went into this house and because of the Wall Street Crash and World War Two they never even lived in the mansion.  We really enjoyed it.  We also went to the Oshkosh Public Museum  and seen another interesting house and we were able to see a Prophet Clock and watch how all the figures worked at the chiming of each hour.

There was some good missionary news, we visited with a young man and his family and he agreed to come to the CES fireside at Bishop Rhodes home on September 9th.  Jordan came and listened to Elder Holland’s talk and was very impressed.  He told us he will start coming to the Young Single Adult Branch.  He is such a good young man we will have to keep working with him and encouraging him then hopefully the spirit will help him realized this is just what he needs to give direction and purpose to his life.

We had to speak in Sacrament meeting this last Sunday.  That is always a challenge but things went well.    We will soon be working with another young man at the university to review the missionary discussions and trying to get another young sister who lives up north interested in coming back to church.  So even though there are a few days we are not super busy there is always something in the works.

Today was our 48th anniversary Elder Wood took me to dinner.  We are so happy to be serving a mission at this time.


Elder and Sister Wood

It was a Great Week

We have had a very good week.  We have been traveling north up to Neenah and south to Fond Du Lac this week.

We were able to visit an inactive sister in Fond Du Lac.  She told us she is trying to straighten her life out.  She has some problems she needs to resolve but she is headed in the right direction.  The Elders and working with her and her children.  Because she now has children she will attend the branch in her area.

We visited two sisters from the Oshkosh ward.  Both welcomed us warmly into their homes.  They were very positive about the ward and welcome us to the mission.  One sister was very thankful we called her as she is about to go to Milwaukee for heart surgery.   We contacted one of the Hight Priest Group leaders and her home teacher and they came over to give her a blessing.  She felt so much better after the blessing.  She told us she felt comfort and peace in her heart.  We had a good long visit with her.

We were able to go over the first two lessons with a young single adult who was just baptized two months ago.  The branch president wants to keep him focused at this important time in his conversion.  He is a great young man.  We were also had the opportunity to go with the Elders from Appleton and visit a mong gentleman who is interested the church.  He speaks mong and some english.  The Elders speak mong  and some english with him.  It was an interesting visit.

And finally we were invited to attend a corn harvest party at the Schmidt home in Fond Du Lac.  We were calling on thier daughter who was on the inactive list.  She is not inacitve we found out but away at university.  So they invited us to come to the branch party. We had a wonderful time and met so many wonderful members.  They are a very close loving branch.  They also invited us to go with them next Friday to a tale-gate party and local football game in Fond Du Lac.  The following Saturday they want us to attend a Milwaukee Brewers ball game with them in Milwaukee.  We will have to speak to the mission president about that.

Things are going well and we are having a great time.


Elder and Sister Wood

Learning about the work and the people

We have had a good week.  We have been working on contacting the in-actives on the young single adult list.  The wording of the list is kind of misleading.  Yes, there are many in-actives on the list but there are also some active members who are attending and serving in their wards or branches but are not attending the Young Single Adult Branch that show up on the list.  We are praying and seeking the Spirits guidance in who we should contact.

We have visited some single adult sisters and some families.  It has been wonderful to learn about their families, their lives, and their testimonies.  Some of their stories are heartbreaking and others so uplifting.  It is the very same as at home.  If their loved ones are following the Savior and making good choices the stories are uplifting but as always some of their family members have made other choices and have fallen on hard times because of the choices they made.

There are many members with very strong testimonies of the gospel.  At sacrament meeting on Sunday there were many powerful testimonies given.

Last night we were invited to the Kemper home for dinner.  Brother and Sister Kemper have a beautiful home with a pond at the back of their back yard.  They told us their grandchildren have spent many hours on Sawyer Pond canoeing or using the paddle boat.  It was wonderful to hear about their lives.  They are in their 80’s and started their lives in Canada.  They raised eight children.and their children are now scattered from one end of the country to the other.  Brother and Sister Kemper even lived in Pakistan for a few years and brother Kermper taught the farmer how to increase crop production.  They told us stories of friends and neighbors who were converted to the gospel.  Brother Kemper is the Sunday School President.  It was a great evening. 

We love keeping busy and meeting new people.