Learning about the work and the people

by heavenlycheese

We have had a good week.  We have been working on contacting the in-actives on the young single adult list.  The wording of the list is kind of misleading.  Yes, there are many in-actives on the list but there are also some active members who are attending and serving in their wards or branches but are not attending the Young Single Adult Branch that show up on the list.  We are praying and seeking the Spirits guidance in who we should contact.

We have visited some single adult sisters and some families.  It has been wonderful to learn about their families, their lives, and their testimonies.  Some of their stories are heartbreaking and others so uplifting.  It is the very same as at home.  If their loved ones are following the Savior and making good choices the stories are uplifting but as always some of their family members have made other choices and have fallen on hard times because of the choices they made.

There are many members with very strong testimonies of the gospel.  At sacrament meeting on Sunday there were many powerful testimonies given.

Last night we were invited to the Kemper home for dinner.  Brother and Sister Kemper have a beautiful home with a pond at the back of their back yard.  They told us their grandchildren have spent many hours on Sawyer Pond canoeing or using the paddle boat.  It was wonderful to hear about their lives.  They are in their 80’s and started their lives in Canada.  They raised eight children.and their children are now scattered from one end of the country to the other.  Brother and Sister Kemper even lived in Pakistan for a few years and brother Kermper taught the farmer how to increase crop production.  They told us stories of friends and neighbors who were converted to the gospel.  Brother Kemper is the Sunday School President.  It was a great evening. 

We love keeping busy and meeting new people.