It was a Great Week

by heavenlycheese

We have had a very good week.  We have been traveling north up to Neenah and south to Fond Du Lac this week.

We were able to visit an inactive sister in Fond Du Lac.  She told us she is trying to straighten her life out.  She has some problems she needs to resolve but she is headed in the right direction.  The Elders and working with her and her children.  Because she now has children she will attend the branch in her area.

We visited two sisters from the Oshkosh ward.  Both welcomed us warmly into their homes.  They were very positive about the ward and welcome us to the mission.  One sister was very thankful we called her as she is about to go to Milwaukee for heart surgery.   We contacted one of the Hight Priest Group leaders and her home teacher and they came over to give her a blessing.  She felt so much better after the blessing.  She told us she felt comfort and peace in her heart.  We had a good long visit with her.

We were able to go over the first two lessons with a young single adult who was just baptized two months ago.  The branch president wants to keep him focused at this important time in his conversion.  He is a great young man.  We were also had the opportunity to go with the Elders from Appleton and visit a mong gentleman who is interested the church.  He speaks mong and some english.  The Elders speak mong  and some english with him.  It was an interesting visit.

And finally we were invited to attend a corn harvest party at the Schmidt home in Fond Du Lac.  We were calling on thier daughter who was on the inactive list.  She is not inacitve we found out but away at university.  So they invited us to come to the branch party. We had a wonderful time and met so many wonderful members.  They are a very close loving branch.  They also invited us to go with them next Friday to a tale-gate party and local football game in Fond Du Lac.  The following Saturday they want us to attend a Milwaukee Brewers ball game with them in Milwaukee.  We will have to speak to the mission president about that.

Things are going well and we are having a great time.


Elder and Sister Wood