Lake Winnebago

by heavenlycheese

We have had a good week.  Elder Wood and I love having the opportunity to read, study, pray and do missionary work every day and feel the Spirit in our lives.  We will treasure these feelings the rest of our lives.  I has been an amazing experience so far and we have been told it will only get better.

The young Elders and Sisters are such a good example for the world to follow in this not so good world we live in.  They love the Lord and work so hard and truly love the people they meet and work with. They certainly set a wonderful example for Elder Wood and myself and make us strive to be better.

We are now working with five young men and young women.  We invite those who are inactive to come back to a loving Heavenly Father and His Son and their Savior, Jesus Christ and their lives will be blessed both while they live here on earth and through out eternity.  We also review the missionary lessons with new converts to the church and keep them focused on their eternal goals.

My sister June and her husband Theo came and visited with us this last Thursday.  They were out in Minnesota visiting their son and his family.  They must really love us because they drove five hours to spend and few hours with us and then they drove back to their sons home.   We truly love them and appreciate their sacifice to visit us.  We drove over to a park so they could see Lake Winnebago it is beautiful.

We love and miss our family but not enough to miss out on the wonderful experience we are having.  We know the Lord will be with them and bless them as he has bless us.