by heavenlycheese

Elder Wood and I were invited to a tail gate party by a wonderful Branch member and his wife down in Fond Du Lac.  This wonderful Brother and Sister from the branch drove to us to the local High School where a group of about 20 to 25 Branch members met.  We had a great time getting to know and associating with the members and experiencing our first ever tail gate party.  Sister Wood also ate her first “Bratz” and I have to tell you it was really good.   There was a gentleman there the Branch members had been trying to get to come out and meet with them for years.  He had always declined but because they had built up a friendship and trust with him and he knew these good members loved him he finally accepted and was there at the tail gate party, it was wonderful to meet him.  After the tail gate party we went to the local high school football game and watch it until half time when the heavens opened up and we were soaked in just a few minutes.  But it did not soak the feelings I had for the Branch members that night.  I learned two lessons the first was always go after the one with friendship and Christlike love, knowing it may take time for that one soul to respond to your invitation to come back to Heavenly Father.  Never Give Up!  The second lesson I learned was that the members of the tail gate party did not have a single relative participating in the football game but a young man from their Branch was playing.  They were there to show their love and support for him letting him know they loved him and were there for him, I don’t know if I would have done the same back home.  I think this mission is as much about what I will learn as it is about what I may be able to contribute.  They truly humble me with there words and actions.