Faithful Elders

by heavenlycheese

Vaiant Missionaries

Here is a picture of our wonderful, valiant Elders at District Meeting.  The Zone Elders were at this meeting and we appreciated their support.  These great Elders are always kidding around with each other but totally have each others back.  They support each other making sure they are following mission rules and learning and sharing ideas on how to succeed or improve in preparing the missionary lessons and how to teach by the Spirit.  I just know the Lord is so happy to have such strong faithful young men in His service.  We were blessed this week to meet a special older couple.  They live in Ripon about 45 minutes south and west of Oshkosh, we felt an instant connection with them.  They have not been attending their meetings in Oshkosh for various reasons but they know the gospel is true and they honored their commitment to us and attended meetings this last Sunday.  They are also looking for some friends to share the gospel with.  I don’t think I could ever have realized how much  I would come to love and appreciate the wonderful people we have been able to meet and the lasting effect they have had on our testimony and our lives.