Game Night and Spiritually Fed

by heavenlycheese

Bishop Rhodes had us over along with some of his neighbors for a game night.  One neighbor was a member the others were not members.  Bishop Rohodes had all kinds of hunting clothes and animal calls sitting on a bench on his front porch.  Each person had to put on one or two items that was on the bench before you could go inside the house.  It was a lot of fun, we had a wonderful meal and were able to meet some very nice neighbors.  We handed out some pamplets on The Restoration and told them we would be happy to answer any questions they had.  They told us they would look it over and let us know and maybe they won’t be interested right now but we are getting out there and trying to share the gospel.  We were served White Tale Deer ( No, don’t turn up your nose, these deer are living in the corn fields and don’t taste anything like the Mule deer I have had before and we were also fed duck)  They had lots of cheese and crackers, vegatables, salads, and desserts it was a great evening as we talked and laughed and got to know each other.

We Were Also Spiritually Fed This Week

Last Wednesday we traveled about 45 minutes sout west of Oshkosh to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.  There at the Beaver Dam Branch we met with two other Zones and had Zone Conference.  We were spiritually fed by Elder Golden Jr. of the Seventy.  He is orginally from South Africa.  We heard not only from him but also his wife and President and Sister Jones are President Kindt our Stake President.  We loved every moment of this meeting.  You know how hard it is to sometimes sit through three hours of meetings? Well we sat through many more than three hours and never even noticed it.  It was so rewarding to be taught by and learn from such wonderful church leaders.   The sisters from the Beaver Dam Branch feed us a complete Thanksgiving Dinner.  One sister said when her son was serving a mission he did not get a thanksgiving dinner and she wanted to make sure every missionary serving in her area had at least one complete dinner.  They not only served us a meal but they served us with tears of gratitude in their eyes as they thanked us for our service to the Lord and to the people of Wisconsin.  We were truly spiritually fed that day.  As a thank you all the Elders had the sisters who were at the branch (there were many more who worked or could not be at the branch that helped prepare the meal) and served the meal come and stand in the middle of a circle and we sang the Primary Song, We’ll bring the world His truth.  Then there were not dry eyes anywhere.

We are still loving the work even with it’s little ups and downs the members are great and we are trying to work with them in activating and meeting new people to teach.  We are getting two young single sisters from the campus in Oshkosh to come up to the Young Single Adult Branch because they are not attending the ward as often as they should and with the Bishop’s permission we are having them attend were there are other members their own age to associate with.  One sister is from Puerto Rico and may only be here part of the next year.  She loved the branch.  The other sister will come in a couple of weeks.