Walk In The Park

by heavenlycheese

Brisk Day At Park

I am sorry I did not get to my blog last week.  We had a very busy and a very good week.  Okay, I know it is an excuse but at least it is a good excuse.  This last week we had the opportunity of meeting all the Senior Couples serving in the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission.  There are nine couples (if Elder Wood counted correctly) not including the Mission President and his wife.   It was great to meet someone closer in age and physical abilities or disabilities as the case may be. (That is directed at Elder Wood and myself, those young missionaries can run circles around us.)   There were two couples who serve many long hours in the mission office and then the rest of us are serving in different areas of the mission, it was wonderful to meet with them and listen to their testimonies and desires to serve the Lord.  I was hoping to receive a picture of all of us the mission president’s wife was going to email to us to put with this letter but it has not come yet so I will have to post it later.   Some of the senior couples are serving for 12 months but I believe (not quite sure) most of us are here for 18 months.  We were taught how we could use the internet to help us in our teaching and lesson preparation.  And as alway we were taught that study, prayer, and living close to the spirit are essential.

We are teaching an investigator and love every moment of it.  We pray daily that the Holy Ghost will touch his heart and he will realize how important the gospel and the atonement of the Savior is to both his earthly journey and his eternal salvation.  We are also visiting inactives, ward members, and reviewing lessons with new converts.  We love our mission.

Elder Wood and I needed to get out for a few minutes and enjoy nature there were a few people at the park but as it was a cool brisk day not to many people but the geese and the ducks did not seem to mind the weather and it was a refreshing moment.  Elder Wood and I love being together.