Prayers Answered

by heavenlycheese

Elder Wood Studying

These last few weeks have indeed been a time to remember and give thanks to the Lord.  The blessings Elder Wood and I have appreciated the most are the spiritual blessings.  Our prayers were answered when our granddaughter returned home and is improving daily after having to be but in a drug induced coma and taken by ambulance, life flight was grounded that day because of snow, to Primary Children’s Hospital because of a life threatening reaction to a prescribed medication.  The blessing came from the peace and comfort the Holy Ghost brought to our hearts as we felt everything would be okay.  We have been blessed with the best family in the whole world.

We were challenged to find new investigators this last week at District Meeting.  We have been trying to do all that is asked of us.  We were told that if we had Faith that the Lord would help us He would.  We studied and prayed and then went to teach a less active sister.  While we were there her sister-in-law and brother were invited by Elder Wood to come in and listen to the lessons.  They are not members of the church but told us at the end of the lesson they would like to receive the missionary lessons.  Again we were blessed and our prayers were answered.

Our young nineteen year old investigator, Tim seemed a little uncertain and unsure last week.  We felt impressed to review the first and second lessons with him and again teach him how to pray.  Prayer is very foreign to him because he has never prayed in his life.  But he did commit to try to pray.  We know he will be blessed and prayer will become a life line to him. He is also reading the Book of Mormon.   Our meeting went well.  We listened to the Spirit and we were blessed.

On Thanksgiving day I felt a little under the weather and so Elder Wood and I decided just to stay at our apartment and rest up a little bit and relax.  Then we received a phone call from a sister we had prayed about and had been trying to visit.  She told us we could come over in the afternoon.  We gladly accepted and by the time we returned back to our apartment I felt so much better.  Again we had been blessed and our prayers were answered.  We love the Lord and His gospel so much, we love serving Him and living close to the Spirit.  We are so blessed.