This is the story of a couple of Woods and their wild adventures sharing the gospel in Wisconsin.

Month: January, 2013

Green Bay – Appleton Zones

Sister's Table

Sister’s Table

Missionaries Singing

Missionaries Singing

We went to the Green Bay – Appleton Zone Conference last Friday.  It was so good to see Elders and Sisters we have served with but who have been transferred to other areas.  The instructions we received was uplifting and we know we are serving at a time when many changes are coming and many new young missionaries will be coming to serve within a few weeks.  The Lord’s w

ork is going forward at an excelerated rate.  What a wonderful experience to be serving with such strong, faithful, and committed young people.

Elder Wood and I are both certain the Lord knew where we needed to serve and while it takes daily commitment and lots of study and prayer it has been a life changing experience.  We feel closer to our Savior and know that our family is being watched over and protected.  We love our children for the good people they are and the love they have shown toward us and our grandchildren we think our grandchildren are just about perfect.  We love and thank all of them for their unfailing support while we serve our Heavenly Father.

We are now feeling better, we  both had a pretty nasty head cold for a few days, but the Lord has blessed us so we are feeling better very quickly, at least it is pretty quick for us.Elder Wood is speaking with Sister Jones and Sister Ross who will be going home on the next departing date.  They have been loving faithful Sisters.Elder Wood talking to Sister Jones and Sister Ros -- Departing soon.


Coldest in 2 years!

Coldest weather in 2 years!

Coldest weather in 2 years!

Beautiful fruit basket

Beautiful fruit basket

Well, here we are in beautiful windy, cold, frigid, Wisconsin.  The Lord knew Elder Wood and I would want to experience  all Wisconsin had to offer (I think I could have lived with out this) so we now have the coldest temperatures they have had in over two years.  Daytime highs -1 overnight lows -13.  Not so bad you say, well just hold on there,  you have not factored in the wind chill.  Daytime highs -21 overnight lows -30, to the far north of Wisconsin -40 so what have I got to complain about?   Let me tell you, you can move very fast when you want to stay out of temperatures that cold.  Especially with the wind whistling up your skirt.

The work moves on though regardless of the weather and even if we are not  quite as busy as when the weather was a bit warmer there are still many opportunities to share the gospel and invite other to come unto Christ.  The ward members are wonderful  to us, we love them, in fact the fruit in the above picture was a gift from Sister Wesner.  She fed us huge dinner and then sent us home with the fruit bowl.

District Meeting

Well I think everyone is hibernating for the cold month of January and they just don’t know what they are missing.  We know the blessings that can come into their lives if they are willing accept the gospel and apply the Savior’s atonement .  But we will keep trying to find them because we know with work, faith and patience that it will happen.

We are currently reviewing lessons with a few Young Single Adults and with met with a family from the Oshkosh Ward and of course we are still meeting with Tim, so we are staying busy but it is challenging to find new investigators right now.  We know that there will be times like this so we just keep busy doing what we can and thanking our Heavenly Father for all His many blessings.

The picture I have posted is from our District Meeting last we Tuesday.

District Meeting

District Meeting

Transfers are coming up on Wednesday and we wanted a picture to remember the Elders and Sisters we have come to love so much before they leave our area.  Of course not all of them will be leaving but some of them will and we will miss them.  They have a very special place in our hearts. From left to right: Elder Lomiga & Elder Simmons, Oshkosh; Elder Warren & Elder Riplinger, Neenah; Sister Ipson &, Sister Stewart, Fond Du Lac; Sister Wood & Elder Wood, Oshkosh and Neenah YSA; Elder Shields & Elder Shamo, Zone leaders

A New Year

IMG_1144 IMG_1147Elder Wood and I are looking forward to 2013 with a very positive attitude.  We hope and pray we wisely use the time we have to serve the people of Wisconsin.  We know the Lord has so much He wants us to do.  We know there are many souls being prepared by Heavenly Father to receive the gospel so their lives can be blessed and they can draw closer to their Savior, Jesus Christ.  We try to do everything that is asked of us so the Spirit will be there to help us and guide our thoughts and actions.  Sorry I did not get anything on the blog last week but I was having a bad day thinking about Dad and not being home to say good-bye.  The last two weeks have been a little difficult with Dad’s death.  I can’t express enough the love I have for my family and my sisters.  They have kept me informed and let me know that Dad would want me to stay focused in serving the Lord.  I feel very good about my decision because even though I have tried to stay focused and keep on top of all I should be doing, I have been a little distracted just by the tiny bit I been involved in so can you imagine how difficult it would have been to have gone home and then tried to return and get back into the swing of things?

In the picture above Elder Wood looked up as I took his picture, we read from the scriptures every day, the flowers were sent to us by Don and Sheryl when Dad died.  The smaller picture was a newer convert we reviewed lessons with.  Tyler was leaving the next morning for BYU Idaho and wanted to meet with us before he left.  We met a new potential investigator this week he took a Book of Mormon to read.  We also held a Family Home Evening with a family that is struggling in the ward, we hope and pray our message brought some comfort and love to the family.  We also have a new Sister we are reviewing missionary lessons with.  So as you can see the work is progressing and we love it very much.