Green Bay – Appleton Zones

by heavenlycheese

Sister's Table

Sister’s Table

Missionaries Singing

Missionaries Singing

We went to the Green Bay – Appleton Zone Conference last Friday.  It was so good to see Elders and Sisters we have served with but who have been transferred to other areas.  The instructions we received was uplifting and we know we are serving at a time when many changes are coming and many new young missionaries will be coming to serve within a few weeks.  The Lord’s w

ork is going forward at an excelerated rate.  What a wonderful experience to be serving with such strong, faithful, and committed young people.

Elder Wood and I are both certain the Lord knew where we needed to serve and while it takes daily commitment and lots of study and prayer it has been a life changing experience.  We feel closer to our Savior and know that our family is being watched over and protected.  We love our children for the good people they are and the love they have shown toward us and our grandchildren we think our grandchildren are just about perfect.  We love and thank all of them for their unfailing support while we serve our Heavenly Father.

We are now feeling better, we  both had a pretty nasty head cold for a few days, but the Lord has blessed us so we are feeling better very quickly, at least it is pretty quick for us.Elder Wood is speaking with Sister Jones and Sister Ross who will be going home on the next departing date.  They have been loving faithful Sisters.Elder Wood talking to Sister Jones and Sister Ros -- Departing soon.