This is the story of a couple of Woods and their wild adventures sharing the gospel in Wisconsin.

Month: February, 2013

Every Member a Missionary!

As we know every member of the church should be a missionary.  So do you know the missionary purpose?  It is “Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.” 

All missionaries should know this purpose and so as all my children are members of the church they should always be missionaries in example, word and deed.  So to my children and grandchildren please memorize this purpose and when we get home we will all repeat this together and be united as a wonderful, faithful, committed family.   What?  You expected to sit home and do nothing while we are out here serving?  Yes, this means my daughter and son in-laws as they are our children too. (Oh if only you would have known before you became a member of this family what would be expected of you.)

We love our Mission President, President Jones and  his wife Sister Jones.  They truly love the Lord and they love each and every missionary out here even us senior missionaries.  They labor unceasingly in service to the Lord.  They are on the go almost all the time, the mission area is quite large and they are always keeping in contact with the missionaries to assist, help, teach, inspire, and uplift them in any way they can.  I feel a little bit sorry for those in other missions because I am just sure we have the best (at least they are trying very hard to become the very best) missionaries in the whole church and they serve under the direction of one of the most humble, loving, and committed Mission President & Wife I have met.   They have truly touched each missionary’s life for good.

President Jones and Sister Jones

President Jones and Sister Jones

I want you to know…The message is true, the labor is sweet, the Lord extends His tender mercies, the Spirit is strong, the people are wonderful and life is good.



Ice Spear Fishing On Lake Winnebago

Ice Fishing on Lake Winnebago

Ice Fishing on Lake Winnebago

Elder Wood loves to watch all the fisherman drive their big trucks and snowmobiles and ice fishing huts out on the Lake.  I think he would love to be out there with them but he is involved in a different kind of fishing right now.  I am happy just to watch from the shore and think I certainly wouldn’t drive my nice truck out there but then standing out on the ice is not one of the things I would look forward to doing.

Things are going well and we love the work, we have been assigned another 12 to 14 new people to visit and encourage them to come back to Christ.  We are keeping busy and that is when we love our mission the most, when we are busy.

Every now and again we make appointments and are all excited to teach what we have been inspired to prepare and then no one is at home or they leave a note telling us to reschedule.  There are many times as missionaries we have had super highs but we can also have few emotional lows.  I know that having the lows make us appreciate the highs more but we still we feel a little let down .  So all you faithful members back home if you set an appointment with the missionaries keep  it.  It will make their day. We feed the Elders who serve in our area on a regular basis, what a blessing that has been and it is difficult to lose our sons as they are transferred to other areas.   We are excited to be welcoming 23 new missionaries to our mission next Wednesday.  We have three who are departing and we will miss them but  they are moving forward in their lives and I am sure there will be some great new missionaries coming here who will bless the people of Wisconsin with their love of the Lord and the sharing of truths of His gospel.

We had another Senior Couple Missionary Meeting and it was wonderful to meet our friends we are serving with and of course as always we were spiritually fed as we met together.   It is wonderful to see what the other senior couples are doing in their areas and how they go about accomplishing the Lords work and we receive new ideas that will help us improve our own service.  Isn’t it great how there is alway love,  support, help and encouragment at every turn.  We just love this church and this gospel and serving our Savior.  We love our mission President and his wonderful wife they are truly inspired.

We have a new program for members help in missionary work so we are also visiting active members.Of course when we visit these families Sister Wood loves to involve the children and they love having their picture taken.  We even had to take a picture of Hazel the Guniea Pig.

Hazel the Guniea Pig

Hazel the Guniea Pig