This is the story of a couple of Woods and their wild adventures sharing the gospel in Wisconsin.

Month: March, 2013

Winter hangs on.

On the news this last weekend we were told that the Fox Valleys of Wisconsin are experiencing the coldest March in 35 years.  We are sooooo blessed! The forecasters tell us by the end of this week we will be in the forties.  We will just have to wait and see how that goes because we have heard that story before.

This was a good week, much better than last week although last week had its highlights.  And there were moments when the spirit confirmed strong spiritual truths were being taught.

We love serving with the young single adults in the Winnebago Branch.  Here is a picture of just a few of the sisters.  They scattered into groups after the lesson so I only got this picture.  I will have to take one before the lesson begins so I can get a picture of more sisters on my blog.  This last Sunday we talked a lot about missionary work at the branch and they are trying to set goals to open their mouths and invite others to explore what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is all about.  We hope they will follow through, because if they do we know the Lord will bless them.   Elder Wood and I are reviewing the missionary lessons with Kyle, he is the newest member of our Branch, and he is so happy to be a member and he truly realizes how blessed he is.  Kyle was baptized just last Saturday and confirmed Sunday.  Tom spoke at his baptism and he is the one on the left and Kyle on the right.  We have already had one meeting with Kyle and are looking forward to next week.

Tom and Kyle our newest member in the Branch

Tom and Kyle our newest member in the Branch

Relief Society Sisters

Relief Society Sisters


And this to shall pass!

Sister Stewart and Sister Ipson

Sister Stewart and Sister Ipson

What a title for a blog post.  But we have been told there must be opposition in all things.  Well Elder Wood and I think this last week has sort of been the opposite of the previous few weeks.  We have had cancellations, no shows, can’t meet this week, call again, and no one at home.  It could become discouraging if we did not keep focused on the big picture and realize this is just for a short moment and we then if we continue to study, fast, pray and persevere, then THIS TO SHALL PASS.  So all is well!  Time just goes so slowly when you have too much time on your hands.  We did teach couple of lessons and visited one other sister who has committed to us she will attend church the week after General Conference.  She fell and bruised her hip and back and she thinks she will be better by then.  I have made contact with some of the sisters in the ward who know her and ask them to fellowship her as she tries to come back into activity.

We attended a Young Single Adult dinner and panel discussion at the Appleton 2nd Ward last night.  Four very different people from four very different walks of life told the young people how they came to be members of the church, how they gained their testimonies of the gospel and the Savior, what struggles they have gone through that has let them know why a testimony is so important to them and what they are now doing to keep their testimonies growing strong.  One has doctorate in history and she teaches at one of the University’s in Green Bay.  She also teaches institute at 6:30 A.M. and has for the six and a half years.  She expressed how having a calling in the church has blessed her with a strong testimony.  She tells of her unlikely journey into the LDS faith when she was nineteen and at a crossroad in her life and how prayer was her life line to the Lord. One came from a little farm town in Pennsylvania, he is a factory worker and he tells how fellowshipping by the branch members helped him want to stay a member and how that testimony help him with the decision to serve a mission in England and how the wonderful family values of the church are so dear to his heart.  One was originally from Utah from a good Mormon family but because of problems and decisions she has been divorced twice and married three times.  Her testimony came later in her middle years.  Her testimony was up and down for a long time and finally became firm and steadfast as she realized the road she was taking and how she was not going to end up where she wanted to be.  She decided to try living the gospel and she found the Lord was there for her.  She has been to the temple with her husband and family and is now enjoying the journey.   She works for LDS  Social Services as a counselor for alcohol and drug abuse.  She also works at a hospital in Appleton in the same capacity.  The final panel participant was a cancer radiologists medical doctor.  He is originally from California and was reared in the church and has remained faithful his whole life.  He tells how diligent faithful testimony has blessed his life, helped him while serving a mission,  helped him find an eternal companion and now blesses their family.  There was something for every young person who attended.  Somewhere in their stories and testimonies there was an answer to the questions and problems the young members are experiencing.  There were investigators who attended the fireside, there were relatively new members, and also life long members some who are struggling with their testimonies.  I know the Spirit was there in abundance.   It was a wonderful evening.

Sister Ipson and Sister Stewart are part of our district.  They are so loving and kind and are very successful missionaries.  They work hard and are filled with love.  Sister Ipson is to be transferred soon and we will miss her so much.  Elder Larrson want to be in this picture also.


Branch President’s Brithday

Becky Anderson and Ben Perez for YSA Branch

Sister Anderson and Brother Perez from YSA Branch

President Hale

President Hale

As you can tell by the pictures a group, but not all, of the Young Single Adults we serve with in the Winnebago Branch went to President Hale’s home to wish him Happy Birthday.  We love working with the young adults they have so much energy and talent and strong testimonies of the gospel.   I know the Lord has saved them to come to the earth at this time to help further his work.  They are lead by wonderful men called of God to teach, guide, and help keep them focused on their Savior and the blessing that come through being faithful at all times.  There is a push on right now to reach out to those who are becoming inactive in YSA Branch.  We know the Lord will bless both the members and the leaders in their efforts to love and rescue those that have strayed.

Things are going well, the last two weeks we have had more appointments and more member participation.  We were told once the members got to know us and learned they could trust us and knew we would work diligently with them they would be there to help us and it looks like that is true and now our hard work is beginning to bear fruit.  We take every assignment and request seriously and even though we may not bring every soul back they are contacted and given the opportunity to come home.

On the left hand side of the picture below are Elders, Larrson (Sweden) and Simmons (Utah) (The Oshkosh Elders)  We work with them in the Oshkosh Ward.  They are very good elders, they are within a few months of going home and so they have had lots of experience and are truly an asset to the ward.   Elder Warren (Calif.) serving in Neenah is also in the picture.  He is so kind he and he does not hesitate to share the gospel with everyone her meets,  Elder Wood loves working  with him.  He is about to be transferred and we will truly miss him

Elder's Larrson, Simmons and Elder Warren

Elder’s Larrson, Simmons and Elder Warren

I know, I know, I am late this week!

Sorry to be so late this week but we have been very busy and I was always going to take the time to update the blog but I just never got around to doing it.  As I will be writing in just a few days I am just going to share a couple of pictures with you.

Green Bay/ Appleton Zone Meeting

We love all the missionaries and President and Sister Jones.

Lot's of Snow

Lot’s of Snow

This winter to date we have had 17 inches more snow than a normal winter season and 23 inches more snow than last winter season.  February just ended and of 28 days in the month we had 4 days with sun all the rest were overcast.  Elder Wood just loves it.  I don’t mind as long as the roads are clear.  The road crews do a pretty good job we have only got stuck twice.