Time Fly’s

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since I posted something on my blog.  It seems just like yesterday.  Time sure does fly by quickly especially when your busy and having a good time.  Well as all of you know general Conference was wonderful and inspiring and makes you want to do more and be better than you are now.  That is a good thing.  Can you believe all the missionaries that have answered the call to serve Heavenly Father?   It is amazing.  We are getting so many new missionaries that the office workers are working super hard just trying to find apartments and supplies for all the new Elders and Sisters.  We just got like 21 new missionaries and next month we get 13 new sisters and 11 new Elders and the following month I think the Mission President told us about 26 new missionaries.  WOW!  They now have two sets of missionaries assigned to every ward and  branch and are opening up new areas of service.  It is a very exciting time to be a part of this great work.

Some times you serve and try your best to encourage others to come back to church and you wonder if you are making any headway.  Are your efforts ever going to bear results?   You testify that Heavenly Father loves them and desires to bless them and wants them to return and live with Him someday.  You let them know the Lord’s plan of happiness will bless their lives and the lives of their family members and can bring lasting joy and peace into their hearts.   But the advisary and long formed habits make it so hard for some of these wonderful people to truly commit to change. They find it easier to just follow the world and be acted upon instead of acting for themselves.  But every once in a while you have a success story and it is at that time you know the work and love and patience is worth it.

Sister Hoffman has not been out to church in thirteen and one half years.  She was very reluctant to have us in her home but with patience and lots and lots of prayer we have been able to establish a relationship with her.  She has two sons who are not baptized members of the church, they are twelve and fourteen years old.  Her husband is not interested but is not opposed to the family chosing what they want to do.  I was finally able to get Sister Hoffman to attend a Relief Society Birthday Party at the ward.  She was so warmly welcomed and accepted and she was feeling great but after she got back home those old doubts began to come back and she was not sure what she wanted to do.  Twice she told us she would attend church on Sunday and she did not come.  This last week she was very hard to contact and seemed to be avoiding us but on Sunday morning she called me and told me she felt she needed to be at church.  She came and was again warmly welcomed and accepted, it was great!  Do I believe that everything will go smoothly from this point on?  Of course not, but I do know that President Jones has told and testified to us that getting investigators or inactive’s back to church is one of the greatest obstacles.  I know Sister Hoffman will be blessed for the decision she made and hopefully we can continue to meet with her and her family and they will allow the gospel of Jesus Christ to bless their lives.  I also know the Lord has blessed us because we were patient and diligent.

Oh, and by the way we finally made it up to 50 degees today.  Happy Day!  I know spring can not be to far behind.  We had and ice storm last week.   The trees and bushes were so beautiful but the ice inflicted lots of damage to the trees.

Bush outside our apt. with the frozen rain drops.

Bush outside our apt.
with the frozen rain drops.


Tree covered with frozen rain drops.