Beauty of Wisconsin

by heavenlycheese

IMG_1333IMG_1342IMG_1334I think I mentioned it before but we are serving in a very beautiful state.  There is no irrigation here as they get enough moisture from mother nature to water everything.  We had three days of down pours last week but it was so refreshing after having hot humid weather.  As you can see by the pictures the flowers are in bloom.  We see many  geese and ducks and they have their young ones swimming with them and life is good.   It was an interesting week we had many cancellations due to family members graduating from school or going away with family because school just got out.  We only had two appointment that followed through.  But the meetings we went to with the Young Single Adult Branch missionaries and the Zone Training meetings were great and the spirit was strong.

I don’ t want to hear any complaints about gas prices back home.  (I tried to get a picture of gas prices listed at the gas station but Elder Wood just zipped by because he does not like looking at those high prices.)  When we filled our gas tank up last Friday gas was $3.99 point 9 a gallon but it has gone up to $4.05 point 9 a gallon since then.  We are told by the reporters on the TV that it is because a refinery in Chicago had a fire in one of its tanks and two other refineries are down for maintenance and it could be several weeks before gas prices go down to normal prices.  In fact they could top out at $4.30 a gallon before then.  We are hoping we do not see gas prices that high and that they will go down sooner rather than later.

We have been asked by the Winnebago Branch to go to Nauvoo with them in July.  We received permission from our Mission President to go so we are looking forward to going there.  (Hope those gas prices are down by then, but we will go anyway.)  So on July 4th, 5th, & 6th we will be in Nauvoo.  When I called for reservations I was told there were four youth groups expected in during those three days, kind of sounds like organized chaos doesn’t it.  But I know we will love being with the young adults from our branch.   I hope I get to see Sister Judee Murray who is serving from the North Ogden 19th Ward while we are there.  Sister Murray was in the 4th Ward when we left on our mission but the ward boundaries were changed and she is now in the 19th Ward.

We went to a party one of our single sister from the Oshkosh Ward gave.  It was a fun evening.  She presented awards (kind of like academy awards) to different ward members she felt had contributed so much to the ward.  She provided the dinner and entertainment and awards.  It helped Elder Wood and I to get to know some of the ward members better anIMG_1352d come to know their special abilities and talents and it makes us realize how blessed we are to be serving with them.