“And the heat goes on”

by heavenlycheese

IMG_1681IMG_1750Well since August 5th when I last posted anything on my blog the heat and humidity have returned and are forecasted to stay with us for at least the next week and a half.  Elder Wood tells me not to murmur because this is how it is supposed to be this time of year and it will just make me appreciate the cooler weather when it comes.  After hearing about the hot weather out west this summer on the nightly news I probably should not be making any complaints.  It really is not the heat that bothers me it is the humidity but in a few weeks it will be a distant memory. The weather was quite nice when our daughter Christine and her family came and visited with us for a few days.

We did get to spend some time with them, from Thursday evening to Monday morning, and had a wonderful time.  We went to Green Bay and seen the tall ships that were in port and then we went out to Door County, which is the finger of land that sticks out into Lake Michigan and we went to Sturgeon Bay and Fish Creek and would have loved to visited other harbors but time just would not permit.  It was beautiful out there.  We had a picnic at Menominee Park next to Lake Winnebago and invited some non member friends of ours to the picnic.  We also got to know and love our great granddaughter Addie, we think she is just perfect, and of course her parents aren’t to bad either.

It was so different to be doing other activities besides missionary work, and while we loved every moment we spent with our family we are very content to return to the work that has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives.  We had a super busy day Tuesday, up to Neenah for District Meetings, out to Ripon to teach lesson #3 to the Gustavas family and then back up to Appleton to YSA Missionary correlation meeting, we didn’t get home until almost 10:30 P.M. But it felt good to be busy and back doing the Lords work.

The Sister missionaries did arrive but I forgot to recharge my camera battery and when I went to take their picture Tuesday at District Meeting I was unable to take it so I will have to include a picture of Sister Hansen, and Sister Barnes in my next blog.  We love the new friends we have made out here and know we were blessed to be sent IMG_1742to Wisconsin to serve.  The family members that came out here told us they thought Wisconsin is beautiful and green and they are right.