I Just Love September!

by heavenlycheese

Elder Evans and Elder and Sister Wood

Elder Evans and Elder and Sister Wood

Sister Barnes and Sister Hansen

Sister Barnes and Sister Hansen

Well as you can tell from the title of my post the heat is gone and we are enjoying absolutely perfect weather.  Sunday, we had a good soaking rain for most of the day and now everything is green, crisp and beautiful.  The trees are just starting to get a few leaves changing colors and I just love it here.

I have sent you a picture of Elder Evans and Elder and Sister Wood.  Elder Evans was the first missionary we met when we arrived on our mission.  He was so kind and helped us in any way we needed help.  He will always hold a special place in my heart. Elder Evans goes home this month we will miss him very much.   Elder Evan plays football at Southern Utah University although he won’t be able to play this year because of his mission.  But Elder Evans was where he was supposed to be serving the Lord and the people of Wisconsin.  I know he will be blessed for the choices he made.  We love him.  Elder Evan’s lives in North Salt Lake.  He is a great person and terrific missionary.

There is also a picture of the first Sister Missionaries in Oshkosh in many years Sister Barnes and Sister Hansen.  They are great.

We have been reviewing lessons with two families this last week, working with the YSA contacting and setting up appointments for less active members and helping they YSA with their service project.   For the service project  we went up to Neenah to Quarry Quest.  As many of the branch members as could get off work came along with us and the YSA Elders.  We went to this Quarry and volunteered to serve that day.  There were thousand of people who came and they had so many activities for the family to participate in.  They could help the Quarry workers lift the big cranes up and down or they could get on tractors with front loaders and help drive to a certain spot and dump their load of dirt.  They had a huge sand hill the children could climb on and dig in and they had buried metal coins in the dirt.  When they found the coins they could go to booths and trade the coins in for a prize.  They also had a huge shopping cart from Festival Foods that gave both children and adults a ride in the shopping cart and big, big earth moving trucks that would take families over by the water at the Quarry and back again.  There were other activities such as rock painting and many more but those were some of the main ones.  And of course they had plenty of food and shirts and toys to sell to the public.   What we did was ride in the buses to designated parking places and helped people and their children and their strollers on the bus and when the arrived at the Quarry we helped them off the bus.  When they were finished we helped them back on the bus and then back to the parking lot where we helped them off the bus.  I know is sounds pretty boring but it actually went by quite fast and we loved talking to the parents and helping the little children.  It was a good day.

We have now been asked by our Mission President to go down to Beaver Dam one day a week and help out with less active  members there.  We told him we would go and do out best.  Beaver Dam is quite some distance from Oshkosh so we will see how it goes.  I do know if the Lord needs us there then everything will work out well.  Hope everything is going well back home.  Stay healthy and be happy!