Winter is a coming!

by heavenlycheese

Sister Wood - Sheboygan Pier - Lake Michigan

Sister Wood – Sheboygan Pier – Lake Michigan

Elder Wood - Sheboygan Pier - Lake Michigan

Elder Wood – Sheboygan Pier – Lake Michigan

In my last letter I told you how beautiful the fall was in Wisconsin and it is but as with all things in life it is coming to and end.  We are now in a cooler pattern with highs in the 40’s and lows in the 30’s but with the wind chill it feels a little colder than the actual air temperature.  But we are still loving it because we have not had any snow as of today.  The first snow of the season is falling in the very far north of Wisconsin and none is predicted for north east Wisconsin at least for the next week.  We are receiving moisture in the form of rain and that just keeps everything green and beautiful.

I have put a picture of the” Huntley Family” on our blog.  They are an awesome family from the Oshkosh Ward.  Elder Wood and I look forward each Sunday to seeing them and their cute family as they come to church they are always so well behaved.  They set a good example for the rest of us to follow.  Brother Huntley and his daughter Megan were baptized just a few months ago and I know the Oshkosh Ward is truly blessed by their testimonies and the spirit that both of them and their family brings to the ward. They allowed Elder Wood and me the opportunity to come to their home and visit with them and present a family home evening lesson to their family.  We think they are one great family.

I also included a couple of pictures we took on the pier in Sheboygan when we went out to do missionary apartment inspections. (The missionaries serving in the mission office are a little overwhelmed with all the new missionaries coming out and needed some help.  We are here to serve in any way we can including helping out with inspections.)   We have already inspected the apartments of the Elders and Sister in Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Chilton, Hartford, West Bend, and Sheyboygan.  As always it is so wonderful to meet with and feel the spirit of such faithful, valiant and diligent young Elders and Sisters.  Words can not adequately express the love we have for each of them and we know beyond any doubt that the Lord loves them and blesses them for their faithful service.  We still have six missionary apartments left to inspect in Appleton our car has been in the shop for a few days and now it is repaired we will continue the work.

I just want to let you know again how much we love serving this mission.  Some days when things just don’t go right and the adversary puts thoughts of discouragement into your mind and they may only be there for just a moment but they still effect you.   Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough and how I can be better at reaching out to others and sharing the gospel message with them in a way they will want to receive it and apply it to their lives.   At those times the Lord answers our prayers and blesses us with a message that is meant just for you.  A message the buoys you up and lets you know He is there and answers the prayers of your heart.  And He usually answers those prayers for you through other person.  That is what happened in Sacrament Meeting today.  Brother Clair of the Winnebago YSA Branch gave a superb talk on justice, mercy and grace and how the atonement of Jesus Christ not only just makes ups the difference of what we lack after all we can do but He is there constantly helping us by applying His grace and mercy and love before, during and after we feel we have done all we can do.   The point he made was that we just need to keep doing our best and when we fall short we just pick ourselves up and start again.  The Lord is always there for us at our side ready and willing to help we just need to develop the Faith to know we can with practice and patience accomplish anything He requires of us, even the times we have feelings of inadequacy.  I know that I am not explaining this as good as Brother Clair did but his message was truly an answer to my prayers and the spirit let me know the most important thing I need to do was just keep pressing forward and because of our Saviors justice, mercy and grace then my effort is acceptable to Him.